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Who we are?

That's a big question, isn't it ?There really are a couple of answers to this question. 

WE ARE a group of everyday, ordinary people, who have their share of mistakes and brokenness and yet, we have found joy, peace, purpose, and most importantly, love, in this crazy world. 

Because it is not so much WHO we are that matters, rather it is WHOSE we are that gives us hope! 

We are a family, a community of people, labeled believers who have met the risen Savior of mankind, Jesus. We have experienced His love. We come together, as a family, to encourage each other, and to make Him famous in this world. He gave everything to demonstrate His Amazing Love for us, and we want everyone to experience that Love as well! 


Sharing Jesus' Love

Charity Chapel has been a vibrant, Jesus loving, family of people dedicated to reaching out to the hurting, lost, and disenfranchised in Pensacola, Florida since it's founding in 1975. 

A little more...

Our Vision

“To Comfort the Weary and Help others to Hear His instructions!”

Our Mission

To Love God and Others while we serve Pensacola and the nations.

Meet The Team


Michael Collins

Lead Pastor

(850) 324-2186


Josh Britnell 

Associate Pastor

(850) 341-0798


Aimee Collins

Children's Director | Worship Leader

(850) 418-1421


Wendy Chacon


Development Pastor

congregation 2_edited.jpg

James Ireland

Worship Leader


Diana Britnell

Worship Leader | Youth Pastor


Kaeley Cruz

Livestream Director


James Mattson


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