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 DAY 4   |   BIOS                                         

The Britnell's

Josh & Diana Britnell

Diana grew up in a strong Christian home and accepted Jesus as her Savior at a young age.

Josh also grew up in a wonderful Christian family. His parents lived by faith as his dad preached and ministered in prisons. While volunteering at Globe International in the last 2 years, Josh helped coordinate the Perspectives Course. 

Josh & Diana met after college and, after a whirlwind romance, married in their hometown of Pensacola, FL in 2004. They have four beautiful children, Clara, Joel, Micah & Benjamin.

In 2007, shortly before their first child was born, Josh & Diana completed the Institute for Global Ministry. In 2014, they had the opportunity to serve in Nicaragua for 2 1/2 years. In the summer of 2016, they moved to Mexico to help with the launch of Mision Global.

The Gutierrez'

Jorge & Rosa Gutierrez

Jorge Luis & Rosa Elia Gutierrez were both born again in Arleta, California in the San Fernando Valley area.

Jorge and Rosa, along with their daughter, Shalom, and son, Melquisedec, have been serving the Lord on the mission field since 1988 in Guadalajara, Mexico. They served as assistant pastors in San Fernando, California for six years. That went on a short mission trip to Manzanillo for 3 months, and 8 months to Mexicali Baja Calif. All this before they decided to obey the call to become full-time missionaries.

They are currently pastoring in San Agustin and overseeing churches in four different states in Mexico: Jalisco, Colima, Nayarit and now Veracruz. They now have two more feeding programs in the Guadalajara area, and an additional program they are involved in through another ministry in Tepic, Nayarit.

The Gutierrez

Melqui & Fatima Gutierrez

Our vision is to help, equip and minister to pastors and leaders. Ever since the Lord called me to His service I have learned that the purposes of God always come to fruition, even though, sometimes, it might seem like they take a long time. My family and I have responded to the calling (Proverbs 21:9-9). I met my wife Fatima in Guadalajara. We were married in Guadalajara, and my eldest son Neftali was born in Guadalajara. My daughter was born in Reynosa. Throughout the years we have seen the necessities of pastors and leaders. By growing up in a missionary family and being the son of a pastor, I came to understand the necessities of pastors and their families. God has placed, in my heart, a passion for the needs of pastors and leaders. Ever since I was a young boy I appreciated friendliness and empathy, and that’s exactly what we want to offer pastors and leaders. We want to be a support, both spiritual and physical, so that they may have some rest. 

Charles & Yani

Charles & Yani 

Our Heavenly Father has given us a vision for Teaching His Holy Word to New Converts that are coming into His Kingdom through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. God launched us out from our home in sunny N. Carolina to the Far Eastern Nation of S. Korea where we taught the Scriptures diligently in Churches and University for 7 years. Next we were led by the Lord to establish a Bible School in a South Asian country where we labored for 7 years. Now we are praying for an open door in other Asian countries. If God has called you to Go then let’s go together so the believers in these Nations will be better equipped as we find in the Ephesians 4:12a; “for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ”. If he has not called you to the nations then please be our prayer partner and financial supporter. Together we can make disciples of all nations and teach them how to walk with Jesus. 


Christina White

Born in Athens, Greece, and adopted when she was an infant, Christina was raised in Alabama. Lonely as a child, she learned to talk to Jesus as her friend, yet had no idea of what salvation was all about. During her teen years, she became increasingly interested in the supernatural, though she knew these powers were of the devil. In 1972, feeling that God really wasn’t interested, she gave Him two weeks to change her mind about joining the  church of Satan…so He did! Through reading Pat Boone’s testimony, she began to see that God did care for her and that He did love her. She began to attend a small, spirit-filled church, and within a few weeks, finally understood that salvation was by grace and gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. The first ten years were filled with ups and downs as she struggled with understanding the depth of God’s continuing grace, but God kept His hand on her and did much deliverance in her life, and she eventually became established in her Christian walk. Her testimony truly is of God’s amazing grace!

The Burke's

Stephen and Alisha Burke

Stephen and Alisha Burke, with their children Jude, Emma, Beau and Jane, lead the Shining Light Players music and drama ministry. Their goal is to create beautiful theatrical art that points audiences to Jesus, and to inspire others to use their talent for Christ. They do this by producing original plays and musicals in Pensacola at the Rex Theatre, and touring the country with professional productions. They also offer classes for young performers encouraging them to serve the Lord.


Judy Hernandez

Judy has worked in the mountains of Guatemala since the 1970s. Even through personal tragedy (the loss of her husband), she and her children have endured and flourished in missionary service. She founded and oversees a Christian school of 800 children. The ministry also includes a training program for village women, which helps them develop skills in computer and cosmetology.

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