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The purpose of the training is to prepare young people and give them options to discover themselves according to their passions, gifts and calling. 


Our heart is to help people to fulfill God’s call for their lives, by offering spiritual times to grow, relationships that will impact their lives and guidance while they serve in the ministry. 

  • The program

The heart and purpose of our program are to train, equip, and Disciple students from all over the globe to fulfill God’s call for their lives. 

The reason this is so important for us, is because we believe that God created us with a purpose and the happiness and joy of our lives are based on fulfilling our call. If we can help people find their place and use their gifts to their maximum potential, we have been successful. Because of this, the training is all about us helping you to develop and learn some skills that will help you find that place and fulfill God’s purpose. 

Every intern will be supervised by our professional staff and our Program Director. The program is to develop, for the intern, to use and grow in their skills, and learn some other new skills used in church ministry. The intern will learn about cultures, missions, and local ministries and will have the privilege to connect with missionaries from all over the world.

Long period program

One year internship program

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About the program 

This program helps young college age students to develop leadership skills, servant attitude and a loving heart. 

The ministry, by itself, is a process of learning how to serve God, work with people, and, no matter what, keep the joy and the passion that God has set in our hearts. It is not an easy internship, but it is a worth while process and a great experience. It will shape you as a minister or person. The program will give you clarity in many ways of using your gifts for the Kingdom of God. 


Give us a chance to help you in this process of learning and serving God. 


During the year, the student will be supervised by our staff and will also have the opportunity to help and supervise other students. 


The intern will have to write a report (feedbacks) newsletter every month, regarding to the program and their experience.

Short period program

Two months internship program

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About this program 

This two or six months internship program will allow you to grow and develop a character that will help you in the future.


It’s a step forward for what you intend to do or study and It also develops responsibility and strengthens important values.  


During the summer, the student will be supervised by our staff and also by other students with a major period of training. 

The intern will have to write a report, feedbacks, newsletter at the end of their period, regarding the program and their experience.

About the church

Charity Chapel:

Is a non-profit, interdenominational, Christian Congregation. 



It has been our privilege to work with 26 college age interns and with 19 student age interns.  Eight students were from Germany, one student was from Vietnam, twenty from the United States and one from Costa Rica. 

Orientation -

The orientation week or day, according to the program you choose, is a time to help you understand our culture and our church.

A staff member will give you a tour of the properties and give you some information that will be helpful for your transitional time here with us.


This time will also allow you to ask questions and connect with our team. 


You will start your learning process, and you will get to know the people that will be involved in your experience. 

What's next ? 

1- You will apply for any of the programs - (short or long period program) -

2- We will have a personal interview or skype call interview - 

3- You will have to wait for our approval and invitation -

Then - You will be ready... 

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